Worries and concerns regarding career, long-term goals, life direction, and partnership may emerge this morning with a Venus-Saturn challenge, dear Cancer. Even if you’re positive with others, there may be some negative feedback, but this doesn’t have to be a problem if you aim to deal with it as maturely as possible.

As the day advances, you’re in a great position to refresh or rejuvenate yourself through engaging and fun activities. A Sun-Jupiter trine encourages you to do things that advance your interests and support growth and improvement.

It’s a potentially excellent day for creative inspiration, and you might revive a friendship or endeavor. Very warm and positive energy is with you for sharing viewpoints, spending time with others, creative expression, romance, and learning.

Non-routine experiences tend to favor you most right now. Confidence and faith bring benefits and opportunities to you.

You could be overreacting to the current situation, even if someone is telling you no. Experiencing rejection is never fun, whether it is personal or professional.

But instead of retreating behind a wall of emotional protection, begin a dialogue about your worries. You don’t need to start the conversation with a discussion of your fear of abandonment.

Instead, stick to the issues and explore what can be done to bridge the gulf without severing all ties. There is a valuable gem at the edge of your awareness waiting to be found.

2016 and 2017 were dogged with work/life balance challenges, but while you’re able to learn from that, the challenge you face now is embracing the benefits.

An alignment between the Sun and Jupiter brings together fun, creative, adventurous and even romantic energies, right in the middle of a major professional surge.

Yet rather than competing with each other, there is every reason to combine the two. You’ll soar much higher professionally with a creative edge.

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 3, 21, 25, 36, 43, 47

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

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