On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, Jupiter the planet of expansion and all things BIG will be transitioning into the sign of Scorpio for the next 13 months.

It doesn’t matter if you have Scorpio in your astrology chart or not because this will affect all of us.

The best thing about Jupiter is that he likes to take everything on a grand scale.

This is the biggest planet in our solar system and because of that, whenever he changes signs, whatever that sign represents gets an upheaval and year of focus.

The past year, he was in Libra which meant we’ve been working on balance in our lives with a huge focus on our relationships.

Whatever issue were lingering before the start of the last transit were only magnified during the past year.

This is one reason why the past few months have been “make it or break it” for so many.

It was like Jupiter came onto the scene to help us figure out once and for all if we were in a fling or if we were going to be moving onto the ring.


Jupiter has been working overtime making sure that any lingering questions or thoughts about our relationships will find answers before moving into the deep and erotic sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio has a very different energy from Libra, and we will feel it even as we edge towards this week.

This zodiac sign governs intimacy, sex, spiritual exploration, resources, power, and financial success.

It’s almost as if we were given all of last year to figure out what was or wasn’t working within our personal lives and now that we have, this is the green light to move forward.

In Scorpio, we will feel a greater need to connect intimately with our romantic partners on a deeper more spiritual level.

It’s not enough to just be with someone who looks good, but this time it’s all about being in that relationship that feels good.

By no means will we be able to skip through the next year and somehow end up in the same position or as the same person we are right now.

No, this sign is about total transformation, in a take no prisoner’s kind of way.

Scorpio likes to go deep which is why this sign governs intimacy and sex, but it’s also about our own personal depths and exploration as well.

How we relate to others and how we relate to ourselves aren’t separate, but rather interwoven together.

We can’t know another more deeply than we know ourselves, just like we can’t love another more deeply than we love ourselves as well.

It’s all connected; our ability to get deep with ourselves is the barometer for how deep we will be able to go with a partner.

So, to put it mildly, this will not be the year for fast and easy.

Flings will not be what many of us gravitate towards and it’s also thanks to Scorpio that we will see a plethora of weddings and engagements during the end of 2017.

Scorpio rules everything that is hidden from our sight or even consciousness which means that if we’ve been keeping secrets,

lying to ourselves, living a life that isn’t truly meant for us, staying on the surface of issues (or feelings) then we all better get ready to bring those issues to light.

This sign digs deep until there is nowhere else to go. For this reason, transformation won’t be just optional but mandatory over the next year.

How many of us struggle with being who we really are?

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any work to do. Just because all of this amazing positive energy is moving in doesn’t mean we can sit back and just let it happen.

Quite the contrary. This is the sign of the alchemist meaning that we need to be continually making and remaking ourselves over the course of the next year in order to find out what really sticks.

This transit will affect everyone, but especially those with the moon or sun in Scorpio as well as those who have Scorpio ascending as well.

And for those of you with Jupiter in Scorpio?

Get ready to have your socks knocked off because life is going to show you just how amazing it can be when you stop limiting yourself by what you think is possible.

Unlike some astrology aspects, we won’t have to wait months for this energy to take place.

Jupiter is going to light up these areas of our lives as soon as it moves into Scorpio this week, so the best thing to do is forget what you thought was possible or how things were supposed to play out in your lives.

Because it’s time to play big, and this time going home just isn’t an option. /By Kate Rose

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